Split cherry tree

They settled in W Hollow and had one daughter, Jessica Jane.

Split cherry tree

Pa will whip me anyway for getting home two hours late. You boys knew better than that!

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The other five boys have paid their dollar each. You have been the only one who has not helped pay for the tree. Can't you borrow a dollar?

I wish it would be quicker punishment. He was a big man. He wore a grey suit of clothes. The suit matched his grey hair. He makes us mind him until we're twenty-one years old. I'm the first of my people to go to high school. I am allowing you twenty-five cents an hour. That is good money for a high-school student.

You can sweep the schoolhouse floor, wash the blackboards, and clean windows. I'll pay the dollar for you. He never offered to loan it to me. I had to stay and help the janitor and work out my fine at a quarter an hour. I thought as I swept the floor, "What will Pa do to me?

What lie can I tell him when I go home? Why did we ever climb that cherry tree and break it down for anyway?

Why did we run crazy over the hills away from the crowd? Why did we do all of this? Six of us climbed up in a little cherry tree after one little lizard! Why did the tree split and fall with us? It should have been a stronger tree! Why did Eif Crabtree just happen to be below us plowing and catch us in his cherry tree?

Why wasn't he a better man than to charge us six dollars for the tree?

Split cherry tree

I had six miles to walk home. It would be after seven when I got home. I had all my work to do when I got home. It took Pa and I both to do the work.

Split Cherry Tree by Jesse Stuart

Seven cows to milk. Nineteen head of cattle to feed, four mules, twenty-five hogs, firewood and stovewood to cut, and water to draw from the well. He would be doing it when I got home. He would be mad and wondering what was keeping me! I would run under the dark, leafless trees.

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I would walk fast uphill. I would run down the hill. The ground was freezing. I had to hurry.The Split Cherry Tree by Jesse Stuart. The Split Cherry was published in and does not appear to be in the public domain.

So the complete story cannot be featured here, but we present this summary and analysis for your convenience. The Split Cherry Tree / Jesse Stewart Setting – The story takes place in the hills of Kentucky. It describes the life of a farmer's family, working hard to make a living.

On such small family farms every family member (including the children) has to give. Split Cherry Tree. The short story, Spilt Cherry Tree, was written by Jesse nationwidesecretarial.com the beginning of the story, Dave and his classmates went with Professor Herbert on a field trip for biology class.

They were all searching for lizards, bugs, snakes, frogs, flowers, and plants. This Web site is dedicated to the wonderful world of the short story and to all who enjoy reading shorts stories as I do.

I will try to add a few short stories every month. Split Cherry Tree Homework Help Questions. What are Dave's positive traits in "Split Cherry Tree"?

Dave is the protagonist of the Jesse Stuart short story, "Split Cherry Tree.". Split Cherry Tree has 46 ratings and 3 reviews. A monograph based on a Jesse Stuart short story of a boy striving to gain an education, a teacher standin /5.

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