Internship project at the mega branch

The North Branch plan will create over 60 acres of publicly accessible, open space. There will be new fields. New networks of riverfront trails. Subscribe for unlimited digital access.

Internship project at the mega branch

While these places are interesting in their own right, studying them as the sole model of urbanization is misleading. To a great extent, the societies of the westernized, developed world are already highly-urbanized and have been so for decades.

Cities outside of this sphere, by contrast, are generally growing much faster, and experiencing greater social and economic upheaval as a result.

Understanding non-North American urbanization is a vital part of understanding cities in general. This course is an attempt to introduce students to processes of urbanization that are occurring in places other than North America. There will be a particular focus on comparing the urban form, economies, and social life in cities around the world.

Social Science Breadth Requirement: Traces the origins, competing rationalities and lingering effects of planning in the production of urban space.

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Broaches possibilities for engaging planning critically to address challenges of social and environmental justice in cities today. Topics covered could include theories of regional economic growth and change, issues surrounding uneven development in space, the empirical definition of regional economic systems, and the measurement of economic growth and structural change.

The crisis of Fordism and the rise of new production models will be given particular attention, along with the reorganization of finance, the rise of cultural industries and the globalization of commodity chains. New regimes of governance of the economy will also be considered.

This includes exploration of the spatial, social, and political economic origins and implications of humans' changing relations to nature. Drawing on debates from environmental governance and political ecology literatures, the course also investigates the ways that different actors and institutions have framed and sought solutions to environmental and resource challenges.

Considers how spatial information is produced, organized, controlled, and used in different historical, cultural and political contexts. Introduces geospatial literacy skills.

Focused on the period from the late 15th century to the turn of the 20th, but with an eye to our colonial present, the course uses cultural texts and place-based cases to ground broad themes and processes such as environmental change, re settlement campaigns, slavery and industrialization, railroading and resource extraction, American empire-building, and enduring struggles over land and identity.

Internship project at the mega branch

Using a selection of cities from around the world, the course examines the impacts and implications of urban social inequalities. Humanities or Social Science Breadth Requirement: In this course these differences are examined at a regional and local scale.

Focuses on the dynamics of leading technological sectors such as electronics, automobiles and biotechnology in their geographical and historical contexts.

The spatial structure of consumer demand and retail facilities. Shopping centres and retail chains. Techniques for site selection and trade area evaluation, location strategies, retail planning.

Behavioural observation, interviewing, questionnaire design, sampling theory, content analysis of written and graphic material, data coding and focus groups.

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Students learn how to use GIS software to find, edit, analyze and map geographic data to create their own maps, analyze geographic problems and use techniques that can be applied to a variety of subject areas. The program in which the course can be used depends on its content.

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