If i were a mango

Mango, Mangot, Manga, Mangou. Bindjai Mangifera caesiaHorse Mango M.

If i were a mango

They fight cancer, alkalize the body, aid in weight loss, regulate diabetes, help digestion, clean your skin, and make the perfect snack. Here are 17 healthy reasons why you should be eating a mango every day. Nutrition chart One cup of mangoes gms contain contains the following percentages that apply to daily value.

Keeps cholesterol in check Mango has high level of vitamin C, pectin and fibres that help to lower serum cholesterol levels. Fresh mango is a rich source of potassium, which is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps to control heart rate and blood pressure.

Skin cleanser Mangoes help you unclog your pores and add freshness to the face.

Authentic Alphonso mangoes from India - Indian Alphonso mango -Alphonso Mango

Mangoes are applicable to any skin type. They help clear clogged pores that cause acne. Just slice a mango into thin pieces and keep them on your face for 10 to 15 minutes and then take bath or wash your face and see the results.

Alkalizes the body According to natural health school. Weight loss Mango has a lot of vitamins and nutrients that help the body feel fuller. Also, the fibrous fruit boosts the digestive function of the body by burning additional calories, helping in weight loss. Regulates diabetes Not only the fruit but the leaves of mangoes are healthy too.

For people suffering from diabetes, just boil mango leaves in a vessel, soak it through night and drink the filtered decoction in the morning.

If i were a mango

This is helps in regulating your insulin levels. Mango has a low glycemic index so going a little overboard will not increase your sugar levels.


Mangoes increase the virility in men. Vitamin E, which is abundantly present in mangoes, helps to regulate sex hormones and boosts sex drive. Eye care Did you know that mango is rich in vitamin A.

Mangoes help in promoting good eye sight, fights dry eyes and also prevent night blindness. Helps in digestion Mango contains enzymes that help in breaking down protein. The fibrous nature of mango helps in digestion and elimination.

It is is rich in pre-biotic dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. Heat stroke When the sun is bogging you down this summer, just chop of a mango in a juicer; add a little water and a tbsp of sugar free or honey.

This juice will instantly cool you down and prevent heat stroke. Strengthens your immune The deadly combination of vitamin C, vitamin A and 25 different kinds of carotenoids keep your immune system healthy. Body scrub Make a paste of mashed mango, honey and milk and use as a body scrub, you will feel that your skin is tender and smooth.

Aids concentration and memory Studying for exams? This fruit is rich in glutamine acid— an important protein for concentration and memory. Feed mangoes to children who find it difficult to concentrate on studies. High iron for women Mango is rich in iron, hence it is a great natural solution for people suffering from anemia.

Menopausal and pregnant women can indulge in mangoes as this will increase their iron levels and calcium at the same time. Perfect Snack Instead of snacking on unhealthy chips and cookies, why not feast on slices of mangoes instead. They are perhaps one of the tastiest dehydrated fruits of all.

Stomach Tonic Before going to bed put some 10 or 15 mango leaves in warm water and close it with lid. The next day morning filter the water and drink it in empty stomach.im 12 and I was just wondering what mango worms were I heard my my mom talking about it it sounds gross I would like it if you had a picture of them because I was wondering if my cousin had some please write back ASAP.

At Green Mango Pest Control we provide a premium quality pest control service. We drastically differ from all other pest control services in the country. When mangoes were first imported to the American colonies in the 17th century, they had to be pickled because of lack of refrigeration.

Other fruits were also pickled and came to be called "mangoes", especially bell peppers, and in the 18th century, the word "mango" became a verb meaning "to pickle".

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If i were a mango

Mangos are sweet, juicy and delicious, but often a chore to prepare. Not anymore, with the OXO Good Grips Mango Splitter. One simple press removes the seed and cuts the fruit in half.

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