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Engvid youtube ielts academic writing

Others believe that they should only be allowed to study subjects that will be useful in the future, such as those related to science and technology. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

People have different views on the subjects that university students should be allowed to study. While some people think that students should only be able to study subjects that these people think will be valuable in the future like science and technology, I believe that students should be able to choose their area of study.

For many people, restricting university students to subjects like science and technology is an easy argument to make. The main reason is that these kinds of subjects contribute visibly to society. For example, improvements in medicine rely on advances in medical research, engineering, and computer science and technology.

Only allowing students to study these kinds of subjects will mean that there will be more people available for work in these areas.

As you may already know, the IELTS Academic Writing test is divided into two parts: Academic Writing Task 1 and Academic Writing Task 2. In Task 1, you will be asked to write a minimum of words, transferring information about a given visual (such as a graph or chart) into writing. Jan 11,  · Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Contact me for writing polished and effective Essay Checking, fruits, fruits and vegetables, IELTS, IELTS Academic, IELTS Task 1, IELTS writing, United Kingdom, vegetables. Post navigation. IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Production And Consumption Of Electricity. IELTS Academic Task. “IELTS Advantage: Writing Skills” written by Richard Brown (Author), Lewis Richards (Author) is a fully comprehensive resource designed for IELTS learners who want to achieve a grade of or higher in the Writing section of the Academic IELTS test.

While the benefits of more graduates in these kinds of useful subjects are clear, I believe that it would be a mistake to only allow students to study these subjects. This is because society is not able to accurately predict the future and what kinds of skills that people will need for jobs.

For example, there may be entirely new fields created that need a strong artistic ability and solid writing skills. If students are only trained to be good scientists or engineers, they may not be able to succeed in these new fields. On the other hand, if we allow students to choose their major, society will be able to better adapt to the future.

engvid youtube ielts academic writing

In conclusion, while it may seem reasonable to force students to study subjects that are currently viewed as useful, I believe that allowing students to choose what they study will help society be better prepared for whatever changes the future will bring.Each practice test contains 4 modules IELTS Listening, Reading, Writing.

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IELTS writing task 1 in the IELTS Academic exam is a bit tricky since Writing Tips IELTS Writing About the IELTS Writing test. The writing test is different for IELTS Academic and IELTS General candidates. Academic Writing. 2 pieces of writing, 60 minutes.

In Task 1, candidates are presented with a graph, table, chart or diagram and are asked to describe, summarise or explain the information in their own words.

They may be. IELTS Target Preparation For IELTS Academic PDF – Chris Gough Better Writing Right Now PDF – Francine nationwidesecretarial.com Achieve IELTS Academic Writing Success Ebook – Julie Hall. toefl JamesESL English Lessons (engVid) Speaking English - Saying Hello and Goodbye, formally and informally, Ielts JamesESL English Lessons (engVid) Speaking English - Saying Hello and Goodbye, formally and informally, slang JamesESL English Lessons (engVid) Speaking English - Saying Hello and Goodbye, formally and informally, English Grammar JamesESL English Lessons (e.

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IELTS Writing Task 1 Course (Academic Module) Home; Courses; IELTS Academic Writing Task 1; Section. IELTS Academic Writing Module - Task 1. Task 1 of the IELTS academic writing test is tricky. But don't worry, you will learn everything you need to know on this course. You'll also get assessment and feedback on an essay from a tutor.

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