Baby boomer and health care

As three million of them hit retirement age every year, they will continue to require health care services for decades to come. Not all baby boomers are old enough for Medicare benefits. Providers and payors must effectively manage the health of this population that uses more resources per person than past generations.

Baby boomer and health care

Today, healthcare is no different as physicians and executives must modify how they engage patients from the various generations.

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Each group has different communication preferences and expectations when it comes to making healthcare decisions and engaging with physicians using technology. Baby Boomers For those born between andthe Baby Boomers make up the second largest living generation behind Millennials.

Popular on CBS News Comments This is part of the Globe and Mail's week-long series on baby boomers and how their spending, investing, health and lifestyle decisions could affect Canada's economy in the next 15 years.
Health care may tarnish golden years, baby boomers fear - The Globe and Mail We know firsthand how skilled, loving attention can increase the quality of life and extend the lives of those living with memory deterioration.
Executives and physicians must modify how they engage patients based on their generation With numbers approaching 80 million, this group has had — and will continue to have — a tremendous influence on all aspects of society. This generation to which I belong can be self-assured and goalcentric, but is also optimistic, hard working and team oriented.

Healthcare is something this generation takes seriously as their personal health needs continue to increase as they age. In addition to making their own healthcare decisions, they are also likely to be acting as caregivers for their parents in the Silent Generation, as well as advisors for their children in the Generation X and Millennial groups.

Baby boomer and health care

While Baby Boomers traditionally did not grow up with the prevalence of technology, they cannot be considered technology ignorant. In fact, most Baby Boomers have embraced technology and are active internet and social media users.

Physicians can best engage with Baby Boomers by providing online tools at their disposal and access to a patient portal, ultimately serving as a resource of information even when they are not in the physical office. Generation X Generation Xers, born between andare considered the first true healthcare consumers.

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They tend to have short-term expectations and will switch providers frequently based on their experiences interacting with a physician. This generation spends the most time online seeking information and reading reviews, as well as searching for diagnoses and treatment options via the internet.

Physicians should not be surprised if a Generation Xer has done significant research prior to an appointment and comes in with an idea of a diagnosis or solution to the potential illness.

Similar to Baby Boomers, healthcare providers should focus on becoming an online resource for Generation X patients by providing medical records in a secure portal and offer access to additional information for their continued education.

Millennials The largest generation in the U. When it comes to finding healthcare providers, they seek information from multiple sources, including online research and their large social networks both online and offline.

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Most Millennials access healthcare through primary care and urgent care, as opposed to visiting hospitals or health systems. They also highly value having a personal relationship with their provider and are generally very loyal, unless they have a negative experience that causes them to make a change.

This generation wants a personalized experience and the ability to connect with physicians via technology.Acute Care Nurse Shortage. The accelerating health care needs of the Baby Boomer cohort, the retirement/withdrawal of experienced acute care nurses, and the resultant administrative actions (e.g.

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Baby boomer and health care

American Baby Boomers are more stressed, less healthy and have slightly less health care coverage than people in the same age group did a decade ago, according to data from a new report released.

Between a third and a half of people age 45 to 59 and a quarter of those 60+ went without needed health care in the last year due to its cost, according to a troubling new survey from the West.

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